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Absolute Advanced Electric provides residential electrical services throughout the state of New York. We fully understand the challenges and safety risks of electricity in the home, which is why we not only provide you with comprehensive solutions to your electrical problems, but also help you to understand how electricity within the home works and how you can implement best practice procedures to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. We provide you with cost effective options, allowing you to make the correct choice in accordance with your budget and deadline.

If you are building a new home, a new room, or redesigning an existing part of your house, let our experienced electrical designers help you plan your project from conception to completion. Absolute Advanced Electric is LEED AP certified. This means we have an extensive knowledge of energy efficient and environmentally friendly electrical installation. We are also specialists in New Construction and Design.

Upgrades to your property will increase the value and save you money on electricity bills. Simple electrical improvements in terms of sensors and increased lighting can improve the security of your property and make your family feel safer inside their home.

We provide the following electrical upgrades and improvements for your home:

• Home Lighting Design
• Electrical Upgrades
• Ballast and Bulb Replacement
• Exhaust Fan Installation
• Soffit Outlet Installation
• Circuit Breaker Replacement
• Fan Installation
• Child Proof Outlets
• Track and Accent Lighting
• Wireless Lighting Controls
• Specialty Receptacles
• Shock Detection Devices
• Electrical Safety Inspections
• Electrical Inspections

Safety and Security At Absolute Advanced Electric, we know how passionate you are about the safety and security of your home. There are a number of steps which you can take to protect yourself and your family from criminal activity in and around your home. It isn’t just intruders you should be concerned about. Electrical fires and electrocution are still very common in the home environment. We provide our customers with the most up to date electrical security and safety information to help you feel safer at all times.

We provide the following electrical safety and security services for your home:

• Surge Detection
• Motion Sensors
• Wiring Upgrades
• Smoke/ CO2 Detectors
• Transfer Switches
• Dedicated Circuits
• Home Standby Generators
• Home Electrical Safety

Specialty Lighting Absolute Advanced Electric provides customized lighting for every aspect of your residence. We create innovative designs which add value to your property and create ambiance for home.

We provide the following specialty lighting services:

• Landscape Lighting
• Driveway Lighting
• Bathroom Lighting
• Kitchen Lighting
• Recessed Lighting
• Holiday Lighting
• Energy Saving Lighting Solutions

An increasing number of people are switching to energy efficient electrics in the home for two reasons; firstly, to reduce their carbon footprint, and secondly, to save money on electric bills. Energy efficient homes are also worth more in value on the resale market. Whether you are building a new home from scratch or thinking about switching your existing home to energy efficient electrics, we have the solutions you need.

We provide the following energy saving electrical services:

• Lighting Controls
• Ceiling Fan Installation
• Power Conditioners
• Home Energy Efficiency

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
Our LEED certification means we are specialists in the New Construction and Design of energy efficient electrics. We provide a full project management service to help you reduce the carbon footprint on your home. We have already helped a number of clients turn their homes into environmentally friendly residences.