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Absolute Advanced Electric provides commercial and industrial electrical services throughout the state of New York. We work with some of the US’s leading construction and civil engineering contractors, regional and local authorities, and property developers. We are committed to providing innovative and intelligent technical and commercial electrical solutions.

We are LEED AP certified and specialize in New Construction and Design. We will design your new construction with the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly electrical installation in mind.

Lighting affects the productivity of your staff. Providing the correct lighting for your office or warehouse space will increase job performance and positively improve the general mood for anyone who enters your business premises. Statistics have also shown that lighting is an important factor in motivating consumers to buy products in store.

Lighting can also affect your bottom line. You can make considerable savings on your electricity bills if you chose to make an energy efficient upgrade. Contact us today and let us help you start planning your upgrades and improvements. We provide the following commercial and industrial electrical upgrades and improvements for your premises:

We provide the following commercial and industrial electrical upgrades and improvements for your premises:

• Lighting Upgrades
• Electrical System Upgrades
• Circuit Installation and Upgrades
• Shock & Fire Prevention - AFCI/GFCIs
• Dedicated Computer Circuitry
• Hi-tech Troubleshooting
• Specialty Receptacles
• Service and Maintenance Agreements
• Code Updates & Corrections

The safety and security of your commercial or industrial premises is of paramount importance to us. Not only do we want to protect your business premises from unwanted intruders, but we also want to make sure that your premises are electrically safe. Knowing how to avoid electrocution and electrical fires can prevent fatal accidents in the workplace.

Controlled lighting is an intelligent way of deterring criminal activity. By utilizing motion sensors and dimmers, you can not only help your staff and clients feel safer, but also increase the security of your premises outside of business operating hours.

We provide the following electrical safety and security services for your business premises:

• Landscape, Parking Lot and Security Lighting
• Electrical Safety Inspections
• Surge Protection
• Transfer Switches
• Wiring Upgrades
• Generator Installation and Maintenance

Absolute Advanced Electric provides customized interior and exterior lighting for your premises. We help you achieve your creative vision and produce the desired lighting experience for your customers and clients.

We provide the following specialty lighting services:

• Landscape and Security Lighting
• Ballast and Bulb Replacement
• Recessed Lighting
• Holiday Lighting
• Custom Lighting Design
• Parking Lot Lighting

In a tough economic climate, saving money without reducing operational effectiveness is a difficult task. However, saving money on electricity costs is one area that will not reduce the performance of your business. Switching to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), light emitting diodes (LEDs), and high intensity discharge (HIDs) will make substantial cost savings. Traditional incandescent bulbs are uneconomical and release high heat emissions. CFLs and LEDs are far more economical and last up to 10 times longer than traditional bulbs. CFLs and LEDs emit a warmer light and don’t hum or flicker like traditional lighting.

Switch to energy efficient lighting on your business premises and start saving money today.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
Our LEED certification means we are specialists in the New Construction and Design of energy efficient electrics. We provide a full project management service to help you reduce the carbon footprint on your premise. We have already helped a number of clients turn their business into environmentally friendly workplace.